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On fire for Knysna

Dear Friends


Our hearts go out to those of you who have lost homes, memories and so much more. Grateful thanks to everyone who is helping in whatever way they can, looking after “refugees”, providing meals for friends, manning outlets and so much more. The people of our town are standing together and the sun will rise again, but it is going to be a long, hard road ahead. Keep strong and rely on the Lord for strength and comfort. 

At the beginning of this year,we booked to visit our family in England and we are due to leave on Tuesday 20th June. We find ourselves very torn at the moment, between desperately wanting to spend time with the family and especially our delightful grandchildren, and wanting to be here in Knysna and pulling our weight where we can. 

Please may we ask that you keep an eye on your schools and let us know of any fire damage related needs. We will be in email contact. In the Knysna area we have a couple  who can guide and assist with  “FIRE” needs at your schools. We are contactable via email. 

We will be back in Knysna on 1st August and until then, keep strong.

Much love,

Shelley & Peter

"Let's love Knysna better together." 



Our Project

The project started in January 2003, feeding some 60 children from two  pre-primary schools in Knysna. They were given a breakfast of a highly nutritious porridge each weekday morning. Careful monitoring over six months produced encouraging results. The children's health and concentration improved. 

More than a decade later the project has expanded to over 90 centres. Enthusiastic volunteers handle distribution and monitoring so that over 4,500 children receive a vitamin-packed breakfast each school-day. Outlets include a range of schools and children's places of care. To date over 5 million meals have been served.

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In addition to feeding, we assist with funding for the training of pre-primary teachers, provision of stationery and educational  equipment. The objective is simply to improve the lives of the children. As we near the end of 2016 we celebrate the many ways we have been able to serve the children of our region. One of the ways we have been able to improve the lives of the children is to improve the skills of the teachers who care for them. This year we have trained over twenty trainee teachers by providing bursaries for them to attend formal training that enables them to become fully qualified over a period of three years. 

This year ten of our trainee teachers completed their third and final year and received their diplomas at the graduation ceremony.

We are excited by the positive impact of this training on the children in the pre schools.     One teacher said to us, "I have always known how to love and care for the children but now my mind has been opened up. I never realised how much more I could do. I am so amazed by the wonderful ways I can develop the children entrusted to me."

Teacher training complements and extends our superb children's feeding project and so     we plan to send twenty teachers for training in 2017. Eleven of these hope to obtain diplomas by the end of next year. We hope the ripple effect of this training and the other novice training we do through the year will enable our pre schools to grow and prosper.