Shelley’s 2018 Report

 As we came to the end of 2018 we did so with grateful hearts. We are grateful

  • for the number of children who have been nourished this year and thus given a better start to life,
  • for each volunteer and donor,
  • to God for once again guiding and sustaining our ePap Children’s Feeding Project, for giving us a sense of purpose and the energy to do what we do. 

Meaningfull relationships

As I thought about a theme for this report, the one thing that stood out was the meaningful relationships which have been formed. 

I for one, am so grateful for the precious friendships I have with each and every one of you. My friends of e’Pap are people with different skills, colours, backgrounds, church affiliations, stages in your lives and ages You have certainly enriched my life enormously and I thank you for that. We have been privileged to nurture precious relationships with the volunteers and school staff.

But there are other valuable relationships beyond our immediate e’Pap team. I want to mention just FOUR.

We started the year with Rose Kransdorff the head of ePap coming down to chat to us about her role since her husband Basil passed away, and about the product itself. She has had a tough year but has hung on. Our relationship with Rose has grown deeper as the year progressed as we have been able to stand alongside her and try to support from a distance. 

Sadly we ended the year with the passing of a very important partner Penny Fleming who founded the GRCT some 12 years ago. They have been important financial partners from the beginning. Not only that, but she was a very close personal friend of mine for nearly fifty years. We are so grateful for Penny and sad at losing her.   

One really exciting adventure has been the role out of ePap to about 815 children in 27 pre-schools/ crèches in George. This has been made possible by a large donation from the USA and most importantly the enthusiasm and meticulous organisation of Zahn Boyes from Child and Family Welfare in George.  

When Peter and I met Zahn we knew immediately that she was the right person to help us expand our work. She is full of fun and laughter, knows the township pre-schools intimately and is super organised.    It is wonderful that she is here today. This is what she has to say about the benefits of e’pap in her community.  

A forth greatly valued relationship is with Nicky Goodall from KET.  KET and ourselves serve many of the same schools in Knysna, but in different and complementary ways. It’s lovely to have Nicky with us today. We will hear more from her about KET next year.  Four really special relationships.

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