Knysna Cupcakes and Gratitude!

Knysna Cupcakes and Gratitude!

Many of our teachers are mixing and feeding ePap to hundreds of hungry children every day. Many of them then go on to cook and serve soup to even more recipients. They work really hard and are always cheerful. We decided to acknowledge them and show how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication.

Lally began baking cupcakes and we were able to give each of them a surprise gift and handwritten thank you note. They were delighted and so grateful. We are grateful that we can all work together, each doing what we can to enrich the lives of the children at this difficult time. They are in contact with the children and we are not, because of health issues. We are only able to help from a distance. Our wonderful “in between” men and deliverers are Lwando and Lifa.

Partnerships work and pay dividends!

Sedgefield feeds and works together

Smutsville teachers, e’Pap volunteers and very willing hands from 5 different homes, are busy feeding approximately 150 children with nutritious e’Pap on a daily basis, for which we are so grateful. Volunteers are made up of a team of folk who collect from the e’Hut in Knysna, pick up from different Sedgefield homes and deliver to the various outlets. The children come sleepy-eyed, barefoot, some in their pyjamas but always with expectation, which is met with a smile. Hand sanitising, social distancing, carrying their own bowls and spoons, masked and eager, they arrive one by one or two by two.

One of our ladies, not only runs a daily soup kitchen, but also administers First Aid – she is very busy but ever willing. Over 200 children’s masks have been distributed in tandem with the e’Pap and they have been most welcomed by our little people. We are humbled to be just small agents of change in this extraordinary time of need, which is turning out to be a marathon as opposed to a sprint. All our ladies are in it for the long haul and happily, though somewhat tired, they will continue faithfully for as long as needed. Thumbs up to one and all for this fantastic effort. We all feel blessed to be part of this initiative”.

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