June 2020 – Locked down, but feeding even more than before

June 2020 – Locked down, but feeding even more than before

On the 27th March, the Covid19 lockdown commenced. All schools closed and our feeding project’s normal way of distribution ceased to function. New ways of reaching those in need had to be found. Most businesses were closed and many people found themselves with no work, no income and no food. The need for emergency food increased dramatically.

Twelve weeks on, we are able to write this newsletter to express our heartfelt gratitude to our generous donors, hard working COVID19 distribution partners, loyal volunteers and many of our school principals. Together we have been able to supply e’Pap meals to a variety of outlets in Plett, Knysna, Rheenendal, Karatara, Wilderness and George. Together we have provided over 400,000 servings of e’Pap to the people of the Garden Route.

The young men from Emzini Township Tours continue do our weekly deliveries to a growing number of “e’Pap Kitchens”. However it’s not just e’Pap they deliver – it’s also masks, lovely warm kids jerseys, beanies and on occasion surprise presents for the ladies who work so hard to serve hundreds of hungry people. A group of our volunteers distribute regular food vouchers to pre-school staff who have received no income since the start of the lockdown and will continue until the schools reopen.

The e’Pap team’s caring is both varied and widespread.


We have received many inspirational stories from many of our partners in the different areas about their work, the people with whom they work and the people they serve. We posted two of these in the adjacent blogs of these below.

Finally, we need to face the fact that as the lockdown starts to end, many of the tourism linked jobs won’t come back soon. So unemployment and hunger will continue. We need to keep going.

We send our deep gratitude to our donors and partners who will enable us to do just that.

Our warmest wishes The e’Pap team

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