The young and enthusiastic keeping the e’Pap flowing

The young and enthusiastic keeping the e’Pap flowing

Ghila Soldaat,Harmé du Plessis, Ruben de Jong, Chrisna Dippenaar

While many of us oldies have been very much “locked down” during Covid19, we have been blessed to have been able to welcome some new and energetic younger folk. These young people are a real gift to us. They have picked up the reins and delivered e’Pap to some of our teachers who so willingly provide e’Pap breakfast to hundreds of children each morning. Some of them have joined Theo and Jinke of “Good News South Africa” who routinely deliver to the Karatara area and in so doing have given Theo & Jinke a well deserved break. Some are from Youth for Christ and other groups who are part of caring for others. Although some of them are temporary – helping us out during the COVID crisis, we hope that will feel a part of our e’Pap family.  Welcome Ghila Soldaat, Harmé du Plessis, Ruben de Jong, Chrisna Dippenaar

This group photo happened quite accidentally as they all met up at the e’Hut each collecting porridge to deliver to different areas. It was too good an opportunity to miss in terms of a photo opportunity, so Shelley took the liberty of asking them to drop their masks just for a moment so that we could see their happy, smiling faces.

Our wonderful driver and main delivery person, Lwando, got married last week. Because of COVID19 only family were present. A small but hugely happy day. 
There was such a sense of youthfulness, joy and vigour in our extended e’Pap Family

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