Celebrating 20 years of serving the children

Celebrating 20 years of serving the children

Celebrating 20 years

This year the e’Pap Children’s Feeding Project has been feeding Children for 20 years. In the next few posts we will share something of the journey of joy we have travelled in service of the children of the Garden Route. We hope to capture the essence of our endeavors by answering  8 question.

1 What do we do?

Our goal is to improve the health of young children at various pre-schools along the Garden Route. We do this by providing a special health giving meal each school-day. It’s a porridge that is packed with goodness and that gives the children a better start in live. The porridge is called e’Pap. What’s in it and why does it drastically improve the health of the children.

2 What is e’Pap?

In 2001 Basil Kransdorff, a South African industrial chemist, developed this special porridge to address malnutrition. e’Pap is a pre-cooked porridge that is a blend of maize, soya, sorghum, vitamins and minerals in a highly absorbable form. The vitamins added are in a form that the body can easily & quickly absorb. As a result improvements in children’s health are quickly seen. Packed with flavour, and best of all vitamins and vital trace elements, this breakfast not only fills the tummy, but keeps children healthy.

Leigh, one of our Knysna children, had sores on her chin when we first started her on e’Pap. Within two weeks her skin was clear. This is seen in many of our children. In a short space of time, their energy improves, they concentrate better and skin condition improves.

Basil was awarded an honorary Doctorate from University of KZN and a Fellowship in the  prestigious Ashoke Fellowship.




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