Rose and Gladys – Feeding and Friendships in Sedgefield

Rose and Gladys – Feeding and Friendships in Sedgefield

Little Teddies Pre-school in Sedgefield

On the right of this picture is Gladys – the wonderful principal of Little Teddies School in Smutsville.   Gladys has been running this school for 30 years and she certainly knows how to do it in the most amazing way – she has 5 teachers for all the different age groups and she oversees everything that happens in a school day with love, joy and meticulous timing.

Over the past 12 years Gladys and I have built up a friendship that goes way beyond the bounds of her school, we have shared tears of sadness over the loss of a grandchild, her out-of-work son and my eldest son’s difficulties.   We have prayed together and “shared life” in the most amazing ways and our visits together are always connected with hugs, laughter and a deep understanding.

Gladys is always grateful for the e’Pap that sustains her children every day and her caring heart over lockdown was to feed, one way or another, every needy person she knew who was struggling with unemployment and severe loss of all means to care for their family … she cannot, and will not, see anyone go hungry.   She is an exceptional human being whom I look up to and try to emulate in my own life – our friendship has endured and been firmly cemented through all these years.


Bless you Gladys as you continue to strive for full tummies and peace in your  community. Your friend Rose

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